I don't see the problem with this code. 
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I don't see the problem with this code.


Don't you need a / at the end of your tag?

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you forgot the <> after the "new" command.
ArrayList<> is a generic collections class, so you have to specify what kind of data it will hold. by declaring the datatype between the diamonds.


I have egual problem, but is write correct
ArrayListsports=new ArrayList();
test run good but come this message:
Did you create an ArrayList named sports?


have a bug, but the sintax is correct.


ArrayListsports=new ArrayList();


the correct syntax is
ArrayList<Integer> arrayName = new ArrayList<Integer>();

Integer can be swapped with any data type you want to store in this ArrayList.

but with the new Java 8 you can use
ArrayList<Integer> arrayName = new ArrayList<>(); < you can leave out the 2nd explicit declaration.
but that doesn't work with Codecademy's version of Java.


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