13/13 Step 1: I have no idea what I'm missing here



You've created a variable but no object for the variable to refer to, perhaps that's it?
Strictly speaking the object itself doesn't get a name, the variable does..


You need to declare the new object in the main method. Hope this helps.


Nonono. Variables are declared. Not values. Values are created and then assigned to variables if there's need to hold on to them.

I can't really blame you, the course isn't getting all that stuff right so how can you :confused: but it matters!


I appreciate the replies, but as I'm not fully understanding the terminology I'm afraid I'm going to have to redo the whole of Java until it sticks. The nature of setting variables and objects and classes as separate things while sometimes sharing the same name is very confusing for me.


Yep, I looked into and you're right!

Any advice on how expand on what is learned here?


Avoid guessing what stuff means and look them up. Be selective about which sources you trust, official documentation is usually a good source for example.


Thanks. I am relieved to know that not all programmers are richards