13/13 Help

I don’t understand why this code is not running correctly

Do you have a screenshot we can look at? It is also handy if you post your code for us to test on our own.

I have the same issue, with error message:
Aw, snap! There's an error in the exercise. Please try again later.

Here is a screenshot of the code I have input on line 6 that should satisfy Question 1 of section 13/13 in the Data Structures course.

ArrayList sports = new ArrayList();

the “L” in the ArrayList is capital letter.

Hello Mikniche.

I was having the same as You. It was frustrating to have this error even when I knew it was correct.

I recommend You to go to the bottom left button for “Generalization” and select the 13/13 exercise it will reload the lesson completely and you will be able to get your code running.

I tried to restart the excercise from the bottom right button “Get Help” and then “I want to restart my exercise” and never worked!!!

Anyway I hope you findd this useful, have a good day!