12. Stocking out


This is the error message
Oop, try again. stock doesn't look quite right. Make sure to not call compute_bill since it changes the stock! It should contain: {"orange":32,"pear":15,"banana":6, "apple":0}

It prints 5.5 as total and also if I try to print stock looks correctly ¿What is happening?

And my code
# Write your code below!
def compute_bill(food):
    total = 0
    for item in food:
        if stock[item] > 0:
            total += prices[item]
            stock[item] -= 1
    return total
print (compute_bill(shopping_list))


your function call:

print (compute_bill(shopping_list))

will change the stock before the validation can run, remove the function call. (the error message tells you so)


Thanks, now it works.

In case you want to print the total what should you do?


add a function call. This would work fine outside the exercise, but it causes problems for the lesson validation


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