12. OR // Opps try again!




ooo I got it !!

var tired = true;
var bored = false;

or opposite :slight_smile:


Hi @methodwhiz07352,

Way to go that, great stuff :slight_smile:
Not only did you have an issue, you resolved and it posted for others to see the possible solution awesome :slight_smile:

Just as a friendly reminder, always try to include as much details as you can when posting a question; a "HELP!" doesn't really help others too much to help you heehee :wink:
Adding what errors you are getting, and what has happened is just as crucial as posting your follow up answer. So go ahead and paste your code rather than just a screeny, display what error message you are getting and what happens, because without overloading for details it really helps everyone out, just how your answer will help others :wink:


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