12. Loops and arrays


Please help me, I don't understant what I did wrong, I already put a space between them.

Thank you


i < names.length


Ok, thanks a lot for your help konaesan!


You're welcome @nobodyevt


does it need the ( ) after length?


No @danim0it .. It's an error


Is there any error in this code?
Sorry about the portuguese, I'm learning in my language!


var names = ["Dani", "Douglas", "Lala", "ABC", "AKSJKA"];

for (var i=0, i < names.length, i++) {
console.log("Eu conheço alguém chamado " + names[i]);


Yes you use commas in your for loop where you should use semicolons.


It didn't solve the problem. In "11. Loops and arrays" Codecademy uses commas.


Could you post the link to the exercise and the other exercise you're referring to?
Also what error message do you get?


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