12. Loops and Arrays II

Please help! This is my code, everything looks good but I keep getting an error message.
I’ve been stuck for an hour! :frowning:

The error message points out pretty clearly what your program does wrong.

To start reasoning about the problem you have to begin by acknowledging what your program does differently from what it should. You say everything looks fine, but it says right there in the error message what your program should be doing differently.

You wasted so much time typing this. I feel bad for you :slight_smile:

Good for me, I solved the problem by myself. My part was written right, I just shouldn’t have finished the semicolon in line 2. If I followed “the error message” as you suggested the problem wouldn’t have been solved.

All the best!


However, these things can’t always be found by staring. A bit of reasoning and narrowing down has a more consistent result, especially as the amount of code increases.

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