12.instance : did you call checkstatus method of main?

i have been checking this error but still i’ stuck with this exercise
i had created the checkstatus method but still getting this -->>did you call “checkstatus” method of main?

heres my code:
class Dog extends Animal {

int age;


public Dog(int dogsAge){
age = dogsAge;


class check(){
public void checkStatus(){
System.out.println(“The battery is fully charged and ready to go!”);

public void bark(){

public void run(int feet){
System.out.println(“Your dog ran” +
feet + “feet!”);
public int getAge(spikeAge){

return age ;


public static void main(String[] args) {

//spike object
Dog spike = new Dog(2);
int spikeAge = spike.getAge();



You have created a whole new Method, that you’ve copy and pasted from the Car example, delete this;

Then after extending the Dog class, just call the animal method with spike.checkStatus();

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