12. I am having a problem completing the last line

I am having a problem completing the last line and “uncommenting” here is my code. What am I doing wrong?

public class Generalizations {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
// I am the Greatest//

		boolean isComplete = true;
		int awesomeLevel = 121;
		int epicLevel == awesomeLevel * 2;
    System.out.println(awesomeLevel * 2)

There a couple problems that I am noticing. Firstly, you are missing your two closing brackets.

Secondly, you need a semi colon at the end of your system.out.println.

Finally, int epicLevel == awesomeLevel *2;
is incorrect, == is a comparison operator where as you want to set epicLevel equal to awesomeLevel * 2. So instead you should use just a single =.

One more comment, in your print statement you could just print out epicLevel since that is already set to equal awesomeLevel * 2

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