12 Check yourself before you wreck yourself


Hey guys,
so apparrently I can't change the paragraph color to purple. I don't know where my mistake is. Here is my css code:
h1 {
h3 {
p {
color: purple;


Hey whassup @ninjadragneel ! So your problem is that you forgot a bracket:

Here is your spot of code that has the problem4

This code is correct:


p {
color: purple;

Hope this helped @ninjadragneel . If it didnt help Please Reply me saying so and ill do my best to Help you! Cheers!


@amanuel2 Thank you so much Manuel! I was really confused to where my mistake was but thanks to you I've learned on it. Cheers and have a good day! :smile:


Thankyou so much @ninjadragneel

Syntax Error: Misspeled my name

:laughing: Cheers!


hey guys what does the code look like whenever you've added your tag because I can't seem to get it right


This sounds like something you could find in link him up or a glossary


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