12. Background Color HELP


Hey Everyone,

I keep getting an error message indicating that I did not change the background color correctly. I think there is some kind of glitch because when I put in the code the background turns RED not brown. Here is the code that I put in:

<body p style="background-color:brown">
	<h3>Favorite Football Teams</h3>
		<ol p style="background-color:yellow">
			<li>The Hawthorn Football Club</li>	
			<li>San Francisco 49ers</li>
			<li>Barcelona FC</li>

thank you,


style is an attribute which you can add to many html elements, and for some reason you have p inside body and ol, no need:

<body style="background-color: brown;">

What is p doing there?


Thank you!!!! I took off the p from the code, it still looks red to me, except this time it was accepted. Am I colorblind? Maybe I am? hmm... :smile:


Good you managed to pass, i agree it is very brownish-red and more red then brown, but codecademy has no influences on the words which are chosen for certain colors, you will be using hex-colors most of the time anyway