12/19 Print syntax hypothetical questions


Hey. So, I'm assuming you've done 12/19 correctly. I have too. Great, right?
Not quite. See, I'm a little confused about the print statement at the bottom. It is all alone, with no variable or string or any other data type after it. It just says, print. Now, how would the computer know what to print? Should that not result in an error as no specific data is being told to print? And, when does this occur? Can you just state print anytime you want and will it work for the most recent function?


The print construct appends all output with a newline, so if nothing is printed, it just outputs a blank line.

print "=" * 32


There is no error condition.


On further review,

word = "Marble"
for char in word:
    print char,

Our output for this exercise is inline space-separated as indicated by the trailing comma. The final print statement appends the newline (line break/carriage return).

That is the real purpose in this instance.