12/17 Practice makes perfect


I dont know what the problem is. I checked this a few times but i cant find it. Could anyone please help me??
Thanks in advance

var object1 = new Object();
object1.name = "Cherry",
object1.age = 15

var object2 = new Object();
object2.name = "Louis",
object2.age = 16

var object3 = new Object();
object3.name = "Eva",
object3.age = 15


You might not know what the cause is but surely you know in what way it is acting differently from what you want, otherwise you wouldn't be here! You'll have to explain this difference or nobody will know what to look for, for all we know it behaves exactly as intended.


You are jumbling up constructor notation with literal notation.

//Literal Notation
var cade = {
    name = "Cade";
    age = 13;
//Constructor Notation
var cade = new Object();
cade.name = "Cade";
cade.age = 13;


Thank you so much it worked


I am facing the same problem. And it is still not working.