12/16 concatenation


what is wrong with my code?
print= "Spam "+"and "+"eggs"


remove the equals sign " = "


print "Spam "+"and "+"eggs"
still this doesn't work. Am I wrong?


you are probably doing something wrong

maybe add spaces between the plus signs?

print "Spam " + "and " + "eggs"


Now I got it! thanks!


Hi I joined codeacademy yesterday and started learning python. Today I faced similar concern with the string concatenation and found out that when I type caps "P" in Print then it shows error however there is no concern when I type print in small characters. The rest of the statement remains same . hope this helps
:slight_smile: I think its a bug.

learning through codeacademy is great :slight_smile:


"Spam " + "and " both have spaces after the words in the quotes.


it still doesn't work


Don't leave a space after the eggs. Only on "Spam " and the "and ".


Use the word print instead of Print