12/15 ReactDOM.render() ii “Run” does not work

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My code does not give an error message but after pressing run after doing exercise 1 it just keeps trying to run forever, and never stops, or gives an error. This was already a topic but since it is closed, I am placing it again.

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Mine is doing the same thing. tried clearing the cookies, switching browsers, but nothing seems to be working unfortunatly…

Had the same problem, tried resetting, starting new, nothing worked. Then I selected the lesson from the bottom left menu again and it instantly validated without clicking “run” or anything.


Try switching BROWSERS, let me know if that solves it

I tried to use IE and firefox but they keep saying connecting to codecademy and don’t load any code in the code editor. On chrome the code is visible but the run doesn’t work…

tried that but for me it didn’t work…

So I seemed to get it to woro by using a different computer on a different network… I dunno why that worked.

I was using firefox at the time

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