12/15 ReactDOM.render() ii "Run" does not work


Hi, im Stuck at 12/15 ReactDOM.render() ii like some others did too.

I'm fairly sure the code is correct, but after hitting "Run" the circle just spins forever without completing the excercise (or giving an error). It just spins and spins.

What I tried so far:
1. Logging out, clear Cookies from codecadamy, restart Chrome, Login again
2. Restart Exercise
3. Changing Browser to Firefox

Nothing of this worked, it just keeps spinning at 12/15.

Please fix this (by the way, the whole course is terribly slow)


  <span id="container"></span>
  <script src="/app.compiled.js"></script>

ReactDOM.render(<h1>Render me!</h1>, document.getElementById('container'));


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