12/15 I feel Like I'm Losing My Mind



Any help here?


Same i feel like im losing my mind to!! Mods to the Rescue!

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Perhaps try not printing the result?

That will force it to just return, without printing the result. If that works, then I would say this is a grading test bug and that it might be advantageous for the course developer(s) to review.


I had the same thought, but it still doesn't work. Glad to hear though that this isn't on me, though :smile:


What are the exact course instructions, please?


In the editor you'll see two functions. Don't worry about anything unfamiliar. We'll explain soon enough.

Replace the underline on line 2 with an expression that returns True.
Replace the underline on line 6 with an expression that returns True.
If you do it successfully, then both "Success #1" and "Success #2" are printed.

Here's an example to remind you of the syntax:

def true_function():
if 1 < 2:
return True
Don't forget the colon at the end of the line!


I think it wants you to print "Success #1" and "Success #2" rather than returning (although the instructions are a bit unclear).

Can you try that for me?

Also perhaps print in addition to returning?


Yay! Thank you so much for your help and kind attention


Good job.

Sorry about those unclear instructions.


It makes sense from this side now. :smile: