12/13 Um...ok


Here’s my code:
var names = [“Ginny”, “Simone”, “Siouxxanne”, “Jade”, “Butner”];

for (var i = 0; i < names.length; i ++) {
console.log(“I know someone called” + “” + names[i]);

All I’ve been getting is Error: Unspecified error, so I’m kind of confused as to what it might be.


I believe there’s supposed to be a space between the second set of quotation marks " ".

console.log("I know someone called" + " " + names[i]);

Also, the error could be coming from the " i ++ " you have a space between the i and the plus signs, get rid of that space and you should be good to go! :+1:


It worked! Thank you! Hopefully I’ll get better at writing syntax and not get stumped so often haha.