12/13 the checkStatus


everything been going smooth till i got stuck at the "checkStatus" method calling
here is my code

class Dog extends Animal {
int age;
public void Dog(int dogsAge)
dogsAge = age;

public void bark()

public void run(int feet)
System.out.println("Your dog ran " + feet + " feet!");

public int getAge()

return age;

public static void main(String []args)
Dog spike = new dog(2)
int spikeAge =

it keeps saying "Did you call the checkStatus method inside of main?"


Constructor can't return anything, even void (the object itself is the implicit return).

public void Dog(int dogsAge)
dogsAge = age;

should be like

public Dog(int dogsAge) {
  	age = dogsAge;

Dog spike = new dog(2) //wrong

creating a Dog object using Dog constructor should be like

Dog spike = new Dog(2); // and need ; after this


thnx man , it worked ,,appreciate it .


I don't understand what I am doing wrong. I've read the posts that have been put in, tried putting in what you said where it said it should go, and I'm still wrong. Why?


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