12/13 Introductions and functions Javascript BIG PROBLEM


Hi I need help for this lesson please I did everything correctly but they told me that something is wrong. I'm french so please just look at the positions or characters and forget the french words I'm sure it's okay about this because I'm going to loose myself with this. The error message tell me it seems sleepCheck doesn't return when numHours is about 10. WHAT THE ■■■■ !:

var verifSommeil = function (nombreHeures)
if (nombreHeures >= 8)
return "Vous dormez beaucoup ! Même peut être trop !";
return "Faites donc une p'tite sieste !";


I also did without console.log --> verifSommeil(10); verifSommeil(5); verifSommeil(8); and even verifSommeil(10, 5, 8); or console.log(verifSommeil(10, 5, 8)); PLEASE HELP MEEE !

Thank you for your advances (and sorry for my bad english)

PS : I know there's a lot of others topics about this but I rode all of them and no answer correspond.


can you please give me the link of this lesson?


Yes of course !


However, inside the console, there is in first "you sleep a lot" after "need a nap" and to finish "you sleep a lot" again.


write it

Vous dormez beaucoup ! Même peut-être trop !

instead of

Vous dormez beaucoup ! Même peut être trop !


I love you. My god, I discover a capricious face of codecademy.
(Thanks a lot)


most welcome :slight_smile:

and check it how to use the codecademy forums


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