11 space tab when I press the RETURN key


Hi All,

I have seen this twice now when I am coding: I finish a line of code and then I press the return key to go to the next line and it indents to the next line 11 spaces. Why is this?




This is an assist function. Altho it can be a bit annoying sometimes, it would be more annoying f you had to place these spaces yourself. Imagine putting 3 spaces yourself for the whole code while Codecadamy expects 4 spaces.

The lesson wont clear because the wrong amount of spaces are given. This could lead to alot of questions of “why is my code not clearing the lesson”.


Hi Biirra,

Thanks for that. The 11 spaces are clearly wrong because inside my while loop (for example) im expecting to indent just two spaces for the next line, so I have to delete 9 spaces every time (or I have to delete the whole eleven spaces if it needs to be on the same indent).

And why eleven spaces?

Am I doing something wrong?




as far as i noticed.

whenever your line ends with : it should indent itself with a few extra spaces.

For example:

class test:
    def example():
        if(something < somethingelse):
            print result    #is done if the if statement returns true.
        print result     #is done when the function example() is called. This is not part of the if block.

As you can see the indentation is way beyond 4 spaces in the if statement. Python does this so it knows what is part of a certain block of code.


im familiar with the automatic indent of 2 spaces within the codecademy environment. its just the 11 spaces that confuses me. its bothersome. I have to delete all 11 or 9 spaces to get back to the indent i need to get to.

is this a bug?




That could be a possibility.
This post explains how you should handle bugs.


Okidok, thanks for your prompt responses.