11. Putting it all together - can't understand what's wrong


SyntaxError: Invalid shorthand property initializer

// help us make snoopy using literal notation
// Remember snoopy is a "beagle" and is 10 years old.
var snoopy = {
    species = "beagle",
    age = 10

// help make buddy using constructor notation
// buddy is a "golden retriever" and is 5 years old
var buddy = new Object();
    buddy.species = "golden retriever";
    buddy.age = 5;



To create an Object,

you can use the literal notation,
you directly create an Instance of the object, with the
properties being separated by a comma-,

var myObj = {

    type: 'fancy',
    disposition: 'sunny'



You create an Object by the construct notation.

myObj = new Object(); or myObj = {};

  myObj.type = 'fancy';
  myObj.disposition = 'sunny';

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Thanks, yes comma is a decision, do not let yourself take lessons after 10 pm ))


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