11. Infinity Loop


I'm sure I'm messing this somewhere in here, but I'm not sure where. This is crashing. Is the while/do loops messed up?

Thanks for looking!
var dragon = true;
var dragon = function (){
while (dragon)
for (var health = 100; health<1; health--)

while(dragon <1)
console.log("not sure");
} while (dragon);



First of all please use more variable then just dragon because your dragon = true; gets directly overwritten by the dragon function and a function as condition doesn't make much sense.


We cannot use the same variable name for both the control and the function.

var flag = true;
var dragon = function () {
    while (flag) {
        flag = false;

This should get you started toward a solution.


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I had my function as dragonFight. Why I changed it, no idea.


changed the function name and now it all works. Thanks guys!