11. function recap


i also get an error msg although i put function name with " "
i dont understand what is wrong with my code...

Even when i try it in this way :

var nameString=function(name){
return"Hi, i am " + name

console.log( nameString("Susie") );

  • which gives the right output i still get an error

11. Functions Recap - Error?
11. Functions Recap - Error?

nameString() function returns string variable. So you need to put returned value to some variable and only after that you can log it:

var result = nameString("susie");

But you can to call the function inside console.log:


In your case you returned string value but not printed it and made mistake when you called the function inside the console.log because you didn't put any arguments there.

Also, here:

var nameString=function(name){
   return "Hi, i am " + name; // forgot ;


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