11.Filters, Question 2 - Query with closing tags

Please could someone explain to me why the two closing tags are used in the code for this section? I cannot see any opening tags in the script!?! I’m a bit confused as to why they have randomly been added.

snippet of code:
indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

  • <%= link_to "Login", 'login' %>****
  • <%= link_to "Signup", 'signup' %>****

I am still struggling to get my head around this course so if you can explain in not-too-technical terms it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Oh wait, something has gone wrong with my posting. Here is the lines of code I am querying:

<li><%= link_to "Login", 'login' %>**</a>**</li> 
<li><%= link_to "Signup", 'signup' %>**</a>**</li>

Hi Last,

Instead of 'login', you need to be using login_path. Like this:

<li><%= link_to "Login", login_path %></a></li> 
<li><%= link_to "Signup", signup_path %></a></li>

If you’re still having trouble, please post a link to the exercise you’re on :slight_smile: