11. Creating a new object


var me = new Object();
me["name"] = "Aaleah";
me["age"] = 16;

It says that there was a problem with your syntax


You've got a } but no {

If there are more syntax problems I suggest removing parts until it runs, when it does you'll have removed something problematic and you'll know what to look closer at.


that worked! thank you!


I'm not sure I understand the answer here. After correcting this code it returns "16" but why not "Aaleah 16"? How is it distinguishing between name and age?


What do you mean by "return"? There are no function calls in OP's code.


Olá, também funciona assim:
var me = new Object();

me["name"] = "Edson";
me.age = 41;


I just mean returns as the thing which appears as a result of the code.


Well. There's no part of the code saying that something should be printed either. Something else is doing that!