11. count


Why am I getting Oops, try again. Does your count function take exactly two arguments: a list and an item to check against that list? Your code threw a "list indices must be integers, not str" error.

def count(sequence, item):
    listi = []
    for x in sequence:
        if item == sequence[x]:
            listi += item
    return listi


Please provide a link whenever you post a question :slight_smile:

def count(sequence,item): 
    listi = [] 
    for i in sequence:
        if x == item:
    return len(listi)

Ah, so what you want to do is take item, not sequence, and append x to listi. You made listi equal to itself plus item.
The instructions say:
Return the number of times the item occurs in the list.
Since you append x to the empty list, and then say len(listi), that will return how many times the item appears in the list, since the list is the same item repeated multiple times.


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