11. Adding images. What is going on?

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the " you are using, don’t look like quotation marks, try quotation marks, to be sure you are using the wrong one, could you copy and paste your code to the forum?

Please read this post about markdown so your code/indent will show.


Hi and at your second link is missing the h from https:

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<!DOCTYPE html>
		<img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-blog/assets/f3a16fb6.jpg" />
		<img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-blog/assets/ninja_zpsa5dbe37a.jpg"/>

This code is not getting accepted. Can you please help me out?

This exercise requires xml syntax, add a space between .jpg" and />

Please read this post about markdown so your code/indent will show.


Adding Images…The code i am typing in is not being accepted…I have tried several times over please help!

The image seems to be coming up so what is the problem there with the correct code i have typed!

Post your code please

	<img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-blog/assets/ninja_zpsa5dbe37a.jpg"./>

This is the code I typed in and I am getting the image but for some reason it is telling me to try again?? Thanks for your help

repace the . between jpg" and /> with a space

Thanks so much dude! had been stuck for days.

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Hi guys, If you still facing this problem look at stetim974 replay. Works perfectly for me.
Just make sure to put a space after .jpg like this :
One not two or more :wink:.


I have done same thing but my code still won’t submit?

@saad_code and @dephysics9, could you copy paste full html code to the forum?

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@stetim94 I helped @dephysics9 out he created his own post

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yaa dude you are right it’s works

I had the same problem but couldn’t find the issue. it finally worked after adding a space to both images after .jpg

Great after trying so many times it worked…thanks

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