11/14 my code's not right


// Declare your variables here!
var hungry= true;
var foodHere= true;

var eat = function() {
// Add your if/else statement here!
if( hungry && foodHere){
else {

the error I'm getting says "SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input"

the only thing that I would guess is wrong is that I didn't put any parameter for the function eat, its just () blank.
but the instructions say that the eat function should have no input, so I thought that means that you should leave it blank?


If you don't need a parameter, you don't need a parameter :smile:
Unexpected end of input often implies that something is not closed in your case I'd suppose its a missing } for the function. Also I guess the required output is true/false (boolean) not "true"/"false" (string), is it?


yea it wanted
return true;
}else{ return false

still don't quite get the difference between console.log and return, but in this case it makes sense because the computer sees "true" differently from how it sees true, the boolean


Return and console.log are fundamentally different. console.log is a function that lets you output stuff to the console. Return on the other hand is a keyword for function that manages the return from the function scope back to the calling scope and let's you carry values with it. There is a console feature which echoes the last value unless it is undefined and if a function call using return is the last statement this might lead to seeing the returned value on screen. But this is rather a side effect than an intended behaviour. So for a reliable output to the console use console.log and for an output for your function to the calling scope use return.