11/ 13 Using Methods II

Hey everyone, i am not sure what to do there, maybe because my english is not good enough.
It would be very cool if someone could help.

You’ll have to be a little more specific! Explicitly ask for each thing you’d like to know, the less broad the question, the better.

Ask as much as you want, but if it’s a broad question then others don’t know what you actually want to know and are going to feel like half of what they say is a waste of time to write. The effort should be on your side, the one who wants something! :stuck_out_tongue: A show of valuing people’s time - you end up getting more of it that way, and better targeted at what you want to know as well.

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Thanks for your fast responding. It’s my first time asking questions in a community.
I greatly appreciate your help:))
Thanks a lot :smiley: