11/13 - tiny mistake?


I started off with my:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('div').mouseenter(function() {

And went over to modifying it to the following:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('div').mouseenter(function() {
        $('div').fadeTo('fast', 1);

Yet it would not work, and I'm not seeing my error.

Have I made some tiny mistake somewhere?

Lesson 11 in JQuery not accepting code

I tried your code in a windows 8.1 IE 11 environment and got a pass...

under certain circumstances you can shoot your Browser in an
inconsistent state.

Therefor it is of an advantage to know that you have 2 reset facilities:

One is the use of the F5-key which does a refresh Browser


Two, select&copy your code
Then use the Reset Code button of the course-window,
then paste your code back in.

Addendum from Tony de araujo
General Notes:
Always refresh the browser after making corrections:
CTRL f5 ( if on Windows or Linux)
CMD r ( if on a MAC).


@leonhard_wettengmx_n I have tried your solution on Google Chrome in Windows 7. It still fails after refreshing browser/code.


I too tried what the guy above me did. No luck :frowning:


The opacity is a problem in several Browsers
here a compilation of articles in codecademy-forum-old
fadeTo in jQuery Introduction 11/13 set opacity to 1

opacity not recognized by browser
= http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7548833/ios-css-opacity-visibility-transition
= http://stackoverflow.com/questions/637921/opacity-of-background-color-but-not-the-text?rq=1
fontsize NOT recognised, by browser

You could also do a google search using the site:stackoverflow.com
which is a meeting place for programmers....

jquery fadeTo problems chrome site:stackoverflow.com