11/11 [Testing, Testing, is This Thing On?] hit run but no response



I got a problem in 11/11

when i hit run ,it just keep running (as the fig),and console window doesn’t show anything

I can’t hit [ up next] and get to the next lesson

Did anybody meet this problem before ?


Please give me some advice… thanks!


The Python course has been moved to a new environment, this affected progress. This change was announced in

  • Codecademy’s Blog
  • In the exercises themselves
  • You may have even received an e-mail

The Codecademy Team did its best to get this announcement out to everyone and is working very hard to find and fix any and all issues caused by this move. Currently, the best thing for you to do is submit a bug report. Unfortunately, other than this, there really isn’t anything we can do to help you.


Is that why there isn’t any response, because this happened to me too. And I was using the code that the lesson gave when I got stuck.


Hi everyone

The console always show nothing in Chrome

But I typed the same code in Firefox , the console starts work

If someone has the same question in this lesson,try Firefox

Thank u


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