11/11 Pyglatin, 'empty' in console. Please help!


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It keeps resulting in empty in the console instead of performing the code. Please help.
I have triple checked my code and even pressed ‘get code’ from the site which was the same as my original code except for the fact that I had one line wrong, I fixed that and clicked RUN. Once again it said ‘empty’. Anything wrong with my code?
FYI - It says I completed pyglatin because it went to else, and skipped over if. But it didn’t perform if. What’s wrong with the if, is my summarising question.

P.S hope someone can help!!


raw_input prompts you for input, what do you enter into the prompt?


I have the same question as OP. My code looks exactly the same as the picture he provided but the console says empty when I enter a word and press enter. Extremely confused…


please upload a picture of the situation, there might be a variety of reasons as to why this is.



impossible, can you copy paste your code to the forum so i can run it?

Did you ensure not to include a space after entering the word? spaces are not alphanumeric characters


That was it. I naturally entered a space after the colon. I keep forgetting that spaces are also evaluated. Thank you!


Thanks alot :smiley:
I didn’t put the space before typing which fixed the problem.