11/11 Generalizations Error



I am running the code below. I am on the second instruction, and it isn't working.

public class GeneralizationsB {
	public static void main(String[] args) {

	// ( 3 >= 3 && !(true || true) ) 
	boolean tricky = true;
    if(tricky=false) {


		}else {





boolean tricky should be false

boolean tricky = false;

and just change the Boolean expression in the if statement nothing else

dont change the print statements.

so your code should be like

if(condition) { //here give your own condition

	System.out.println("Stuck in the past...");

}else {

	System.out.println("Upgraded to the future!");



I tried that and still says I got it wrong for the if condition.


System.out.println("Upgraded to the future!");


System.out.println("Stuck to the past...");

i too face the same error....someone please help...i'm not able to proceed further eacuse of this


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