11/11 Don't understand what it means?

What does “5.The view automatically changes and displays the updated data. The page doesn’t need to reload at any point.” means?
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This is what makes websites like Facebook, Twitter, Discourse (this forum) so powerful and cool to use.

Legacy web applications are synchronous in nature. The user interacts with the web interface presented in the browser, the browser makes requests back to the server based on that user interaction, and the server responds to those requests with new presentation for the user - fundamentally a synchronous process.

The Asynchronous Web is fundamentally different, and that difference revolutionizes how web applications behave. In the Asynchronous Web it is possible to deliver spontaneous presentation changes to the user as the state of a dynamic system changes, without the need for the user to interact with the interface.

What is the Asynchronous Web, and How is it Revolutionary?

Thanks for your reply, I totally understand it now!

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