100% New to Code: Don't understand special characters escaped thing


HI, I'm brand new to code and I've finally started learning how to write links onto a webpage.

Everything felt like it was going okay until I tried actually writing out the link:
href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_bear/">Learn More

I tried simply copying and pasting the code, but it omitted my < a > and < /a > signs. I had to put spaces in them, just so it wouldn't disappear on me.

But that isn't the major problem. The problem is that there's a > by learn more that's always highlighted and says it needs to be escaped. I've tried EVERYTHING from double checking the code, to erasing and starting from scratch, to trying to add in > to replace the > sign.

Can anyone please HELP ME?

I'm started feel like that meme where the dog is sitting at the computer, and it says: I have no idea what I'm doing.

Replace this line with your code.


it happened to me tooo. but i left it alone it my code is running fine:smiley:


It's okay, I figured it out. I accidentally closed off the a.
In other words, it's not < a >href=" insert rest of the code here
It's <a href= then you put the quotations and continue the code.

Thank goodness for YouTube


sry i said to ignore the red dots
dont ignore them they are very useful
sry for the wrong suggestion


It's perfectly fine. No harm done. I'm just glad I finally figured it out. I'd been trying for a few hrs and it was driving me crazy.


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