10. working with position: contact button



for this exercise it says to add "top: 2px;" .contact-btn a:active and when I did this it showed up as correct but when I go to the wepage it does not actually execute that part of the code.

.contact-btn {
  float: right;

.contact-btn a {
  cursor: pointer;
  margin-right: 30px;
  padding: 8px 18px;
  border: 1px solid #204156;
position: relative;

.contact-btn a:active {
top: 2px;


Are you sure?

Try making it 20px to exaggerate the jumping effect.


I have the exact same issue. In the picture i also notice that the "top:" is purple and the "2px" red. But when I put it within the brackets of .contact-btn, top is light blue. And if I put it right behind the selector .contact-btn a:active the colors are correct but i get errors. Neither works

Option 1:

.contact-btn a:active {
top: 10px;

Option 2:
.contact-btn a:active top: 10px {



I think there is some kind of mistake, because I have this problem the same as two guys behind me. No any red messages are seems, everything done exactly like it was explained, but button does not work (doesnt moves)


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