10 word spacing

I write this code in the part :

word-spacing: 0.05em;

I try it successively in :

  • h1 ; h2 ; h3 ; h1, h2; h2, h3; h1, h2, h3, in the different part of class, and always refuse it ?

Has someone the same trouble ? Someone can tell me where I’d wrong please ?

Thanks for your help

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I share the same trouble. However, I believe the code you entered is correct. Hope they resolve the problem soon so we could move on to the next exercise - I can’t move on to the next exercise, though.

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Also can’t move past this excercise:

tried the following:

word-spacing: 0.05em;

Are you getting an error message "excepted colon ? " if so you are missing a closing curly brace somewhere above that’s what I found on mine.

Well I write the code with h2 :

word-spacing: 0.05em;

I’ve verified all the program and all is good because I see the difference between words (less space 0.25em => 0.05em) but it doesn’t valid the response.

I’m very disapointed because I can’t learn more.

If someone has an idea, please, can you tell me ?

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@everyone copy and paste this and it will fix it:

h2 {
  border-bottom: 1px solid rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5);
  color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5);
  font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;
  font-weight: 100;
  font-size: 22px;
  word-spacing: 0.05em;
  line-height: 24px;
  padding-bottom: 30px;
  text-align: left;
  width: 70%;

Thank you Bogsy it valide the response.

Have you an idea why it doesn’t work if I place word-spacing at the bottom, please ?

I am having the same trouble however the copy and paste of the code did not work for me. This is the third bug in a row already!

I tried to copy and paste the code above and it didn’t work for me either. I went and changed my h2 heading to h3 and ran the code and that seemed to work. I went and changed the heading back to h2 and hit run again to see what would happen and it said that it still accepted the code. I have no idea why this works, but at least I am able to move to the next exercise now.

thanks but i want to know what is the problem ?

I had the same problem but this didn’t work for me. Anybody have any other solutions?

I am also stuck and the copy&paste doesn’t work for me.

The code is correct there is something wrong with codeacadamy verification method. a work around to get past is to go to index.html and change h2 to h3 then run.

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Thank you so much! It worked for me (finally)!!!

If all else fails, use another browser! Or maybe refresh, and maybe even reset browser cache… These all are possible fixes.

this solution works in other places as well !! thanks andy

This still doesn’t work for me. Any other workarounds? I already tried using a different browser, resetting cache, resetting exercise (this usually works for me but not anymore - the page just hangs - even trying to navigate to the forums eventually leads to a bad gateway).

cheers, this worked for me!

It works when you change h2 to h3 in index.html. Thanks God I can learn more!

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Me too, can’t seem to figure it out…