10 times 2 = 27?


I just discovered yield and I am trying ot understand how it works and why it is useful (so far I don’t!)
I tried this today but I get a really weird result !

How does multiplying 10 by 2 give 27?

def double (parameter)
  parameter *2

puts double(10) {puts "this is in a block"}

# => this is in a block
# => 27


Running your code will get a nil value followed by “this is in a block” I have no idea where that 27 came from.

Look at this function

 def feed_the_block(number)
  yield number

now we give our function a block to “feed numbers to”

feed_the_block(7) {|x| x * 2}

We fed the block a 7 as its block argument, then the block executed it’s code against the argument we fed it.
Our output is 14

def double(parameter)
  parameter *= 2
  yield parameter

We have a function that takes a parameter, doubles it and feeds the result to a block

double(10) {|x| x + 5}
Take ten, double it and yield it to a block
Our output 25

Hope this helps


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