10. Stride Length - Bug?


Hi all, I'm just curious if this is a bug in the course, or whether I'm missing something.

This screen shot is the easiest way to clarify my issue, however when attempting to complete the Stride Length section, I'm met with an error specifying that "to_one_hundred" should include one hundred, now apart from the fact that code was included with the course, and not written by me. Logic dictates that because the output of my stride includes 100, so does too_one_hundred...

Am I missing something?


EDIT: Spelling mistakes


Hi all, after carrying on with the rest of the course. I realised my code was actually creating a list within a list, rather than a top level list. (Not the double square brackets).

My bad, please feel free to move/lock/delete this post.



to_one_hundred = range(101)
backward_by_tens = to_one_hundred[::-10]
print backward_by_tens

My code is right according to you, but still throws the error "Oops, try again.
Did you declare a variable called backwards_by_tens?"


yes your code is right but instead of declaring backwards_by_ten you have declared backward_by_tens..
here is the mistake only