10. List ALL the properties


I am not sure I understand why this does not work.

for (var property in nyc) {

What is the difference with the above code and writing this?


Would really appreciate an easy explanation!!


The first code is used to iterate through all of the properties of object. Second snippet is used to get value of only one, specified property.

Exemplary code:

function Person(name, age, country) {
    this.name = name;
    this.age = age;
    this.country = country;

var me = new Person("Maciej", 23, "Poland");

// iterate through all properties of me object
for (var property in me) {
    console.log(property + ": " + me[property]);

// get specific information (value of specific property)
// or...


First code: for (var property in nyc)-->means "nyc" is assigned to a new variable "property." That is, each "for" loop runs, one by one property in nyc is assigned to the new variable "property." So you just need print the new variable => console.log(property); // this will only print the property names:fullName, mayor, population, boroughs.

Second code: console.log(nyc[property]); ==>// print the values associated with every property name: New York City, Bill de Blasio, 8000000, 5

Hope my explanation help you!


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