10.Linking at will help


I have been trying to wrap the image with a anchor element however haven't been successful. if you could advise me on what I'm doing wrong that wold be very helpful.

<img src="//codecademy-discourse.s3.amazonaws.com/original/5X/d/2/a/f/d2af410c3ba0e84372b442b97720ec481aadf2b0.png" width="690" height="387">


It means that you need to wrap your image in a link,

so that when a person clicks the image it opens a certain URL and in addition to that it must open in a new tab.

Example & explanation:

<a href="URL-to-go-to">
      <!-- text or image to go to -->

<!-- To open in a new tab we add: target="_blank" Like this: -->

<a href="URL" target="_blank">
       <!-- text or image -->


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