10. Latest and greatest - Oops, try again


I am on step 10 and I am sure I have typed everything corectly, but aparently I have an error regarding <!DOCTYPE html>

<!-- I'm a comment. You won't actually see me on the web page.
     You should write your header in the line below me! -->
<!DOCTYPE html>
    body {
        text-align: center;
<h1> Sabina </h1>
<p> Witajcie ! Uczę się kodowania i lubię malować :). </p>
<input type="email" placeholder="Email">
<input type="submit">


Hi Sjoeck,

I think you need to wrap everything inside <html>..</html> tags, except for the <!DOCTYPE html> line. Like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html> <!-- ← you're missing this -->
    <!-- stuff that won't show up on the page, like css -->
    <!-- stuff that will show up on the page, like text -->
</html> <!-- ← and this -->


Hi !
Thank you for your help. I did it !