10. JSX conditions : Is the space needed after the "if" syntax in React or is it just Codecademy wants us to put a space after it?



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You don’t have to, but the the indent makes the code much more readable, it would be foolish to not properly indent your code

if i was given a project with 10,000 lines of code with no indent at all, i would walk away at that very moment

Indent makes the code more readable, and easier to understand


Yeah, I understand that it is for styling and readability purpose. But when I was trying to do this exercise, missing the space after “if” resulted in an error message, so I was just wondering if we need it for syntax. Thanks!

My code: if(coinToss() === “heads”){
Correct Solution: if (coinToss() === “heads”) {


That doesn’t matter, that just seems to be a very strict exercise validition


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