10 Java course is stuck

Any course or website administrator here ? I can’t progress pass section 10 of Learn Java. (Switch Statement)
Anyone else having this problem ? It’s been 3 days now since this happened.

Same problem here at same point

Last night I was having a problem with the continuous spinning but I just tried this exercise and it went through. Could you post your code, just to make sure that it isn’t a problem.

I’m an experienced java programmer. I’m just doing this for fun. There is nothing wrong with my code but a ■■■■ of a lot wrong with the website. Now nothing appears in the code box when I open up the java learning page in section 10

Good lord - bugs strike again. Having the same problem. I see a lot of other people experiencing this issue but I don’t see a solution other than changing browsers - which I really don’t want to have to install chrome.

What’s annoying is that I have ‘true’ and ‘false’ for the outcome on problem #4 - but the wheel of death keeps spinning!! :rage:

This is what I got:

public class Switch {
public static void main(String args) {

	char penaltyKick = 'L';

	switch (penaltyKick) {

		case 'L': System.out.println("Messi shoots to the left and scores!");
		case 'R': System.out.println("Messi shoots to the right and misses the goal!");
		case 'C': System.out.println("Messi shoots down the center, but the keeper blocks it!");
			System.out.println("Messi is in position...");




Maybe you could describe your problem more specifically so somebody may be able to help?

Change your browser. This problem appeared on IE11. I switched to Firefox and its ok, but the IE11 page is still stuck. Admin really need to get their act together.

If you’re sure your answer is correct go to bottom left and click to bring up lessons, then go to next one. I made mistake and said “Top Left” in last reply. It IS bottom left…and keep coding. You can also go into Glossary and look up the code, or go back to previous lesson(s) and read for a particular lesson. Good luck!

In the Learn Java course, you can’t just skip ahead. Exercises that you haven’t completed are locked.

My bad. Must be for Intro course only.

No problem. You will find that it is the older courses that let you skip exercises.