10.For your hobbies



I need help to correct my code as I noticed that the result is not the one expected.The problem is that the Python lessons goes further even if the code is not correct.How can I do that?




the exercise url is the same for everyone, please copy paste your code to the forum

hobbies = []

# Add your code below!
hobby = str(raw_input("Your hobby: "))
for i in range(3):
print hobbies


the raw_input should be in the loop, otherwise, it will just remember the last user input, and append that 3 times to list



I know because I noticed what is listed in the interpreter.The problem is how I modify the current lesson if the only option is Start Next Lesson?This is my problem.


you can click away the green bar (there is a close button on the right hand side) or refresh the page

Thank you! :relaxed: