10. For your hobbies



No error code, no matter what I type in the console, it will keep running on an endless loop.
This message appears before loading the console and disappears very fast(I can’t click’).

The page should have to return an error if the code is incorrect or let me through if its correct.


The error is code independent.

<do not remove the three backticks above>


I’ve had the same problem as well and have been frustrated for some time. This error is not from your code, rather it is coming from the website itself. Currently, the mods are trying to fix this (and apparently it seems to only occur in this exercise) you have a few methods to “get around” it:

  1. Reset your files and start over
  2. Go back to the first exercise, and continously click on “next” until you get to your current one
  3. Reset the page


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