10. Divs & classes - cannot reset


I'm stuck at exercise 10. Divs & classes in HTML & CSS 1.

I messed up the code when trying to include the three divs into one.

I tried to reset the exercise in three different browsers, with no luck.

Does anybody have the right code for that exercise, so that I can continue my journey?
That would be great!


im aslo stuck at it.



is not closing properly


how doi upload the code


I have to admit I have not tried uploading before, isn't it possible to copy/paste it or take a screenshot and drag it into the message.
It would be a great help. Frustrating to be stuck here.



Hi All,

1.Ans: Before last img tag you have create a class name called prop.

2.Ans:Let's organize all the three prob in a single container. Just create the class called value-prob before first prop class. Don't forget to close the loop.

  1. Ans:Add the main class before this line Why You Should Choose Jetsetter Concierge Travel Planning.

Thats it :slight_smile:


Hello All,

PF the working code from below path,


Thank You


Perfect, thank you so much for you help netslayer10912.

Now I'll review what I did wrong and continue learning :wink:


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