10. Data Types I & II: Numbers And Strings



I keep on trying different strings, but nothing seems to work.
This is the error message:
Oops, try again. Is your string at least three words long?



Hi @thewanderinglynx,

This is the error you got.

Copied from the instruction:

1.Write a string with at least 3 words. Check out the examples of strings above.
2.Find the length of the string by writing a period (full stop) and the word length, like this:


Length counts every character in the string - including spaces!

First, you need to write those words (at least three words long), enclose those words with quotation marks, " ", to make it a string.

Then only use the string with .length

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


I have already tried all of the combinations of strings. Still, thanks for trying to help. :grinning:


Wait, never mind. I found what to do: spaces, words, and numbers.

‘Some thing 0’.length;




My answer in the exercise works though.

"what are you?"
"what are you?".length

It let me passed. lol

Anyway, glad you found your solution. Cheers! :smile:


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