10. Code not working as it should


My code has passed but is not working the way I would like it to.

First - the ordered list doesn't count. It keeps displaying 1 instead of counting up. ie) 1. 1st list item 2. 2nd list item 3. 3rd list item etc.

Second - when I try and remove the list item clicked it removes the entire list instead of the line being clicked on.

My code is below. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance


    var $addTo = $('input[name=checkListItem]').val();
    $('.list').append("<ol><li>" + $addTo + "</li></ol>");
  $('.list').click( function(){


I think the question that you've linked to just asks to set up the $(document).ready.

If you want to do what you described, you shouldn't append an ol with it, because that way you're creating a new list (which starts at 1) everytime. You should just append the li.

If you want to remove a certain list item, you should add the click event to li instead of .list


Sorry, I read the instructions wrong. The way the instructions were worded I thought CC wanted us to solve the entire solution on our own. Once I got to steps 11, 12, & 13 it explained everything.

@nicoekkart Thanks for your response. I'm still having trouble with this. I'm feeling all crossed up. Would you be able to provide an example?


I'll show you what your code is doing now:

Let's say you have an empty ordered list in your html like this:

<ol class="list">

Whenever it runs this line

$('.list').append("<ol><li>" + $addTo + "</li></ol>");

a new ordered list is inserted INSIDE the .list, so your unordered list becomes:

<ol class="list">

See how append adds inside the element.

So if you only want the li without the ol what should you change?


@nicoekkart Ding! Lightbulb went on. Problem solved. Thanks for your help!


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